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As I had in mind to post more often in the new year, this might be a good moment :-)
Also because I SHOULD work on a paper that is due for friday, but I am not very inspired. I wrote a lot on it today, and then..I forgot to save my work. So I have told myself I am not allowed to go to bed before I have redone all that work, but..arrgh I don't feel like it. I spend this whole afternoon on this really ingenious table of personal names in the welsh poem Pa Gur, and their occurances in Culhwch ac Olwen and the Triads...I am a dork, really. Which idiot forgets to save his work?
It might have happened because I am a bit ill: I spent the better part of last night hanging above the toilet, as sick as a dog, and I am still recovering a bit.

Oh well...
I'd better talk about the nice things that are in front of me: wednesday evening a bunch of friends will come over for a wild tea party, each of them bringing tea and cookies, and if possible some musical equipment. I am sure it is going to be fun! If I find the time I wouldl ike to bake some crepes for the party, with chestnut cream. Yummy. I have a new crepe recipe, a traditional one from Cornouaille, which I found in Le Tour de Bretagne en 80 desserts gourmands. It makes even thinner and  more crunchy crepes than the recipe I used before (from The Chronicle of Celtic Folk Customs, by Brian Day), which was already pretty good.
I hope my friends will be just as enthousiastic about the recipe as I am...

Saturday will be D-day, and that's D for dilojein, moving home! I am going to live in Zeist, together with two friends from my studies, in a nice flat with a view on the forests of Zeist! There's pine trees everywhere, heather nearby and even some dunes, I have been told. The first time I walked to me new chez moi I got really excited by all the green that surrounds the place, and this on only ten minutes by train from the city centre! I also got very much reassured by a talk with my new housemates; I believe we share a lot of ideas about living together, and will make an harmonious household wherein each one will have his own place. We plan cooking together every evening, which is a good idea because I find it hard, sometimes, to have the discipline to cook for myself alone.

And the congress in Rennes is approaching, too! I am so much looking forward to it, already planning lots of things to do, but even more daydreaming about everyone I will see again, the fun we will have together...I also will have to do some obligatory things, like going to the library to find sources for my MA thesis, and finding out which steps I should take to be admitted as a trainee-schoolteacher in Diwan, but even these things I am looking forward to. They are all steps towards the future I hope I will get.

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather a bit warmer I feel more and more hopeful, and I have started looking forward to many things again. Have you noticed the air is getting softer? Spring is near!


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Jan. 31st, 2010 11:20 pm (UTC)
Every time I drop in here to see what's going on I leave feeling happy. Stay happy, dear Ennys!
Love and Hugs!
Feb. 5th, 2010 04:54 pm (UTC)
spring time!
Anat din, emaomp o lenn traoù heñvel-mik ivez! Me zo ar fri e-barzh trioedd Ynis Prydein hiziv... hag amañ 'm eus kavet ul liamm betek ur vignonez, Anna!
Oh boy, it's a small world...
Enjoy your week-end!

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