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Snow!! As I woke up this morning, I found the world around me changed into a kitchy christmas card. And although waking up was a bit difficult (I REALLY don't like feeling the cold floor under my bare feet), when I had succeeded performing this quest I was very impatient to get out! So out I got... to the town centre! The cathedral was covered in snow, so that all small ornaments, normally barely visible, were outlined in white. Beautiful! I wanted to go to the cathedral cloister-garden as well, but for some reason it was closed for public today...I remember a winter afternoon some years ago, when I went walking with Hanna after a Medieval Latin class, and we ended up in the cloister-garden: the snow over there hadn't been touched by anybody yet. Reason for us to start a snow fight! This time I had to go to work anyway, but a small walk in a snowy town-centre was obligatory!

At work I was surpirised to be presented with a small paquet of Christmas yummy-things: I hadn't thought I would get any present, as I ahve only worked there for some three months now. Nice!

Last weekend I went to the Midwinter Fair ath the Archeon, my old working place. It felt like coming home! Only now I realised how much I had missed the Archeon. Although I was very happy to see and hear Orfeo and the Kelten zonder Grenzen/Celts without Frontiers again, my absolute highlight of that day was crashing in the Bronze Age, helping the smith to blow the fire, talking with old colleagues and even teaching some children how to make a rope; I can;t be in the Archeon without starting to work, haha. I told some people about what was going on at the place, explained what the smith was doing, I spinned some wool on a real prehistoric hand-spindle, like I had done a million times before...I enjoyed the fire, the company, the honest cold winter weather.
In the afternoon there was a Midwinter celebration by Turning Wheel, which I attended. It was a nice ceremony, and it was good to have this meditative moment in such a full day. In the evening I went to see Rapalje in the upper hall of the medieval monastery, but as everyone had the same idea, I ended up on the balcony, from where I could see the band as well and was not in the risk of being squeezed by the masses...I also bought a some things: a bottle of chouch (mead), some losse incence (i liiiiiike incence) and a bone hairpin which I love already.

Right now I am on holidays, officialy; which means I have lots of work in front of me, Middle Welsh translations and a paper to write.

I'm going to work a bit!