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I am a bad blogger

    For I have sooo many other things to do!
Well, so many...actually, it's only studies, studies and studies. This MA is much thougher than I thought it would be, and it is eating my time! Especially now, in the end of the trimester. This morning I finished my paleography assignment (transcribing and editing an Old Irish poem) and now I should be working on my Middle Breton paper (Vannetais forms in a17th century Christmas Hymn). I tried to start on this, several hours ago. But first I went off to do the dishes, then to was my clothes, and finally to take a walk. And here we are again, end of the afternoon, drinking a cup of homemade hot spied wine (yum) and writing an LJ update for the first time in weeks.
I went walking for almost two hours! That wasn't planned. But you see, it was such a lovely weather...well, it wouldn't be within everyones definition of 'lovely'. Actually it is grey with drizzling rain. But it is fresh with a nice wind and..I walked in the fields, and they all seem enchanted in this weather. The stillness....like every moment a spirit could appear, or a group of fairies might be seen dancing between the numerous mushrooms. That might be my fantasy, as I have read far too much on breton folklore the last time.
But still...some people talk about 'winter wonders', but to me the end of autumn is the most magical tyime of the year. The contrast of grey drizzle against black silhouets of trees having already lost their leafs, and the flaming colours of other trees still bearing them...the mocking 'laughter'  of a duck, a silver 'reiger' flying slowly and lowly above the water of a canal...This time of the year is magical. The air is so full of sound, movement, 'atmosphere'...

I wish all of you who are celebrating it a very happy samhain.