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The last two years I have written a blog on the first signs of Autumn the day I remarked them. I take pride in the fact that I am very sensible to changements in the air, and quite accurate in telling when the seasons actually change. This year, I am a bit late and it is very well possible that I missed the actual turning of the season. I was busy with a fight against flu, cold and melancholy.
Untill this week. My cold is still not over, but I feel my spirit is getting lighter, more open to the 'real' world as well as to my inner worlds, and I am making plans, working schedules (university is keeping me busy!) and poetry. I also start to remark the changings in the air. I don't know what came first; actually, I guess I am in better spirits now thanks to the golden light Mother Nature gifts us each afternoon and the fresh, but not yet cold air. Breathing this air gives me energy and makes me want to dance and sing!
I also enjoy immensely another sign of the coming Cold Season: the arrival of coals, cullyflowers and pumpkins in the marketstalls, as well as apples and pears. I found out we're having an excellent Organic Market here in Utrecht, were one is able to buy fresh local produce every friday. Another link back to nature!

Half an hour ago I meditated for the first time in ages (more signs I am doing better), and was surprised by a golden sunbeam that fell just on my face. In the stillness of my meditation, after a day of hard working (I've spent the better part of today to transcribing Old Irish) I also heard the birds singing outside.
For a moment I was totally happy.

let's hope it stays.


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Sep. 29th, 2009 10:23 am (UTC)
I am happy things are better for you now. I hope it stays too!
And I think the changing of the season must have been around the 11th of September. I remember going to my parents on that day, and smelling something in the air which was definitely not summer anymore, but also not autumn yet...
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